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Why Focused Financial Advice?

We can provide our representatives with a wide variety of authorisations - tailored to the scope of your professional practice.


We are dedicated to empowering our advisors to attain an exceptional level of expertise within their chosen focus areas. Through our strategic alliances, we offer advisors invaluable opportunities for ongoing professional development and growth, while also ensuring they have a clear understanding of their responsibilities and obligations within the Australian financial services regulatory framework.

Our objective is to facilitate the growth and development of practices within our network, to support our advisers in providing high-quality advice, and cultivate meaningful, lasting relationships with their clients.

We are dedicated to making your transition to Focused as straightforward as possible. Our streamlined onboarding process is outlined below.

Next Steps



Understanding the unique needs of advisers is crucial.


We engage in a comprehensive evaluation, discussing your specific requirements and revenue streams before initiating our process. This ensures a tailored approach from the outset.



Once both parties agree, Focused's dedicated onboarding team facilitates the onboarding process.


Throughout this phase, all formalities are handled efficiently and quickly, ensuring that all formalities, including agreements and transfers, are handled with the utmost attention to detail and minimal disruption.



After successful onboarding, our attention shifts to supporting the growth and enhancement of your business.


We are committed to delivering value through various avenues, including operational efficiencies and client growth strategies. Our goal is to foster an environment where your business can thrive and expand.

Partner With Us

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